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Email Writing 101: Send Personalized Emails

26. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

As we’ve mentioned before, gentlemen are concerned about receiving generic emails because they believe impersonal messages are the sign of a scam. Therefore it’s important that you make an honest effort to send personalized, high-quality emails to the men you meet on Zolushka. Sending personalized emails will not just ease gentlemen’s scam concerns but will also help you better get to know a special suitor and have a better online dating experience.


A generic email is an impersonal email that could be written for anyone. Generic emails rarely contain a gentleman’s name, they don’t answer a man’s questions, and they are full of broad topics like fashion, the weather, or politics. Poems can also be seen as generic if they are not tailored for a specific person. Many men complain when they receive several generic emails in a few days because they think it means the agency is sending the letters, not you.


To write a high-quality personalized email, use a gentleman’s name, answer any questions he might ask, read his profile and emails and ask follow up questions, and generally show that you are interested in him as person. Topics like fashion, the weather, and politics are fine, as long as you use them in moderation. Following these simple tips can help you get to know a special gentleman more quickly and efficiently.
While you are ultimately free to discuss whatever you want in your emails, you will likely have better success with Western men if you make an honest effort to write high-quality, personalized emails.