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Submissions Now Open for Christmas Snow Angel Photo Contest!

17. November 2014 by Administrator 0 Comments

Уважаемые Агентства,

Вы можете присылать Заявки на фото конкурс по адресу contest@russianlovematch.com

Срок Подачи Заявок:

Срок Подачи Заявок для конкурса начинается с 15:00 (по украинскому времени) 17 ноября до 23:00 (по украинскому времени) 28 ноября 2014 г.

Что Нужно для Участия:

Участницы или агентства, в которых они зарегистрированы, (Администратор(ы)) могут отправить две фотографии высокого качества (Заявки) от имени Участниц по адресу: contest@russianlovematch.com. Заявки должны быть отправлены до окончания(как указано выше).


Пять победительниц получат следующие призы:

  • 1-е место: Ювелирное Изделие по выбору девушки Пр.розн.ст. $150
  • 2-е место: Джинсы или Брюки Пр.розн.ст. $125
  • 3-е место: Платье Пр.розн.ст. $100
  • 4-е место: Косметика Пр.розн.ст. $50
  • 5-е место: Косметика Пр.розн.ст. $50

Требования к Заявкам:

  • Для участия в конкурсе необходимо предоставить 2 фотографии высокого качества, которые НЕ размещены в профайле девушки.
  • На фотографиях девушка должна быть представлена в наряде на рождественскую тематику.
  • Фотографии должны быть четкими, с хорошим освещением и не менее 2100x3150 по размеру.
  • Приемлемые форматы файла: jpg, gif, png, bmp.
  • Названия файлов Заявок должны включать такой же номер ID Участницы, как и на Веб-сайте Zolushka.net, имя пользователя, название Агентства и город. Например: "123456_Zolushkalady_agencyname_kiev.mp4" приемлемое название файла.

Определение Победителей:

Победители будут выбраны из двух (2) туров голосования.

Первый тур голосования начнется в 10:00:00 AM по восточному времени США (EST) 17 декабря, 2014г. и закончится в 08:59:59 AM по восточному времени США (EST) 22 декабря, 2014г. (Первый Тур Голосования). Двенадцать (12) Участниц с наибольшим количеством голосов в Первом Туре Голосования, смогут перейти в. Двенадцать (12) Финалисток будут объявлены примерно 22 декабря, 2014г.

Второй тур голосования начнется в 12:00:00 PM по восточному времени США (EST) 22 декабря, 2014г, и закончится в 03:59:59 PM по восточному времени США (EST) 29 декабря, 2014г. (Финальный Тур Голосования).

Победительница Главного Приза и победители дополнительных четырех (4) призов будут определены на основании голосов, полученных в Финальном Туре Голосования. Победитель Главного Приза и победители дополнительных четырех (4) призов будут объявлены примерно 30 декабря, 2014 г.

Участники смогут проголосовать по ссылкам: http://russianwomenblog.hotrussianbrides.com/ChristmasSnowAngel/ и http://onlinedating.russianlovematch.com/ChristmasSnowAngel/

Dear agencies,

We are now accepting photo submissions for the “Christmas Snow Angel” contest! In the past, our contests have generated lots of publicity for all the members that participate. We would like to encourage all ladies to be part of this exciting promotion. Three winners will also be eligible to win prizes!

Submission Period:

The submission period for the Contest begins on 08:00:00 AM U.S., Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 17, 2014, and runs through 03:59:59 PM U.S., Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 28, 2014. ("Submission Period"). Sponsor's computer will serve as the official time piece for the Contest.


  • Grand Prize Pandora Jewelry ARV $150
  • 2nd Place Guess Jeans/Pants ARV $125
  • 3rd Place Guess Dress ARV $100
  • 4th Place L'Oreal Cosmetics ARV $50
  • 5th Place L'Oreal Cosmetics ARV $50

How to Enter:

Entrants, or the agency with whom they are registered (their "Administrator(s)") on the Entrants' behalves, may enter the Contest by emailing two high quality photos (the "Submission(s)") directly to: contest@russianlovematch.com. The Submissions must be emailed prior to the close of the "Submission Period" (defined immediately below).

Requirements for Submissions:

  • All Submissions must contain two (2) photos not currently on an Entrant's Website profile.
  • Photos must be in focus, well-lit, and at least 2100x3150 in size.
  • Photos must feature the Entrants in a Christmas outfit.
  • Submission file names must include an Entrant's Zolushka.net ID number and username as well as Entrant's Adminstrator's name and city. For example: "123456_Zolushkalady_agencyname_kiev.jpg" is an acceptable file name.
  • The only accepted photo formats are: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp. Photos may not contain any copyrighted images, logos, or be shot in locations that infringe on any third party's rights.

All Submissions must be Entrants' own original, unpublished work, must not have won previous awards and not be previously entered in any other contest/sweepstakes or previously published in any other medium. Each Entrant represents and warrants that no other party has any right, title or interest in or to the Submission(s). Once submitted, an Entrant's information and the Submission itself cannot be edited, revised or replaced. No Submission will be returned and all Submissions become the sole property of the Sponsor.

Submissions must not contain any nudity, lewd or lascivious acts or material that is, in Sponsor's sole judgment, inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, slanderous or libelous. Submissions must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation; and Submissions must not violate any laws in any applicable jurisdiction. Submissions that are incomplete, illegible, fraudulent or corrupted are void and will be declared ineligible. The Sponsor may disqualify any Submission that, in its sole discretion, Sponsor deems inappropriate. However, should Sponsor fail to disqualify any Submission that contains any of the aforementioned, the sole responsibility for the content of any Submission remains with the Entrant.

Determination of Winners:

Winners will be selected from two (2) rounds of voting. All eligible Submissions can be voted on in the first round of voting.

The first round of voting will begin at 10:00:00 AM EST on December 17, 2014, and end at 08:59:59 AM EST on December 22, 2014 ("First Round Voting Period"). Sponsor's computer will serve as the official time piece for the First Round Voting Period. The twelve (12) Entrants with the highest number of votes received in the First Round Voting Period will be eligible to participate in the "Finalist Voting Period" (defined below). The twelve (12) Finalists will be announced on or about December 22, 2014.

The second round of voting will begin at 12:00:00 PM EST on December 22, 2014, and end at 03:59:59 PM EST on December 29, 2014 ("Finalist Voting Period"). Sponsor's computer will serve as the official time piece for the Finalist Voting Period.

The highest number of votes received during the Finalist Voting Period will determine the Grand Prize winner and four (4) runner-up selections. The Grand Prize winner and four (4) Runner-Up winners will be announced on the Website on or about December 30, 2014.

Members can visit http://russianwomenblog.hotrussianbrides.com/Christmas Snow Angel/ and http://onlinedating.russianlovematch.com/Christmas Snow Angel/ to find all eligible Submissions and cast their votes on their favorites.

Members must have a valid Silver, Gold, or Platinum RussianLoveMatch.com or HotRussianBrides.com account in order to cast a vote. Members may only vote 5 time(s) per day during each round of voting. Platinum Members are eligible to vote in early voting which will begin 48 hours before the First Round Voting Period. Sponsor reserves the right to exclude the votes of any Member who votes more than 5 time(s) per day during either The First Round Voting Period and/or the Finalist Voting Period. Sponsor will not accept votes intended to subvert the voting process or those generated by script, macro, or other automated means. Entrants are prohibited from obtaining votes by any fraudulent or inappropriate means, including without limitation offering prizes or other inducements to Members.

Contest Rules