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Worried Single Men Will Lose Interest in You?

12. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Even when correspondence is going swimmingly with your favorite suitors, some single girls can't help but wonder if the guys are still interested as much as they were in the beginning of their courtship. Here are a few ways to keep them engaged long enough to see if he's the right one for you.


Ask For His Expertise

Men have the innate sense to take care of women. Not that you want to act completely vulnerable, but showing that you do need his expertise on things make him feel good. Ask his opinion about all types of things, like choices you are facing at school or at your job. Maybe you are having a situation with your family so ask how he would handle it. Knowing that you value his thoughts will make him feel closer to you.


Open Up About Your Feelings 

When embarking on any dating experience, men can be worried that women are only into them for their money, their looks, or any number of things. Men have just as many fears as women but may not express them as often. If you feel nervous about marriage and moving to another country, let him know. He may be reassured that you are new to this experience too and will be more likely to open up to you.


Make Changes Often

With so many other women online competing for attention, you want to keep yourself fresh and interesting. By making subtle changes to your appearance occasionally, men viewing you during video chat will likely notice and remain intrigued. Some men can get bored and distracted easily so you want to be sure to hold his attention. Learning his language and culture will also impress him and know that you are truly committed to growing a relationship.


By implementing these suggestions, you could keep online singles emailing and chatting with you longer so you can eventually meet one day. Finding the perfect match can be a challenge but if you remain honest and just be yourself, you are bound to find the man of your dreams.