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Worried Online Dating Sites Will Sell Your Information?

23. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Ladies who decide to try international dating may hear about websites that sell personal contact information. This can hinder them from joining any internet dating sites, worried that their phone numbers or addresses could be sold to complete strangers. 


Fortunately, members of Zolushka.net, HotRussianBrides.com, and RussianLoveMatch.com don't have to worry about their personal contact information being sold.


When men and women are ready to communicate over the phone or through their personal email addresses, they simply complete the Intimacy Request process. Men submit the requests and ladies choose which ones they want to approve and whether or not they want to share their info.


Safety should always be a concern with any online activities. Personal information should always be kept private. With online dating, it's wise to use secure sites that would never sell members' information.


Plus, plenty of online communication should take place before a couple even considers exchanging phone numbers. While some singles may feel the need to rush and talk by phone so they can meet in person, others prefer to take their time getting to know someone online first. 


Whichever you prefer, make sure your intentions are clear right at the start so you and your potential match avoid any confusion. Good luck in your soul match search!