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Why Women Should Befriend Men Online

28. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Why Women Should Befriend Men Online

Some girls are so focused on finding Mr. Right that they forget about keeping in touch with those they enjoyed chatting with but didn’t quite make a love connection. Singles searching for love online can benefit from making friendships with others who are experiencing the same internet dating dilemmas. As long as you’re up front about your intentions and want to continue communicating for friendship rather than romance, you can gain valuable insight from men in the online dating world.


While women may be gentler with opinions and sugarcoat the truth, men are usually straight forward and tell it like it is. Guys can give their honest opinions about your profile, your photos, and probably provide suggestions on how to improve your online persona and attract more suitors. They will most likely welcome your feedback as well.


Having some single male friends inside the online dating world is like having an all access pass to peer into the male matchmaking brain. You’ll get tips and advice directly from the gender you are trying to impress and therefore have an advantage over your female competitors.


All good relationships begin with good friendships so by strengthening some male friendships online, you’ll get plenty of practice and know how to deal with men more effectively. Plus, you never know… by giving these guys more time and consideration, you may have a change of heart with a certain male friend and find out that he’s your true soul mate after all.