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Why Sexy Russian Dating Photos Make Men Wary

26. June 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Though many men love looking at photos of hot Russian women in lingerie or bikinis, such pics also make them nervous. Here’s why and what you can do to make members feel more comfortable.

In short, many people believe that sexy profile photos are the sign of a scam. Critics argue that sites like Hot Russian Brides and Russian Love Match use photos of scantily-clad women to lure in customers and get them to pay for email and chat. This is a scam, critics say, because the beautiful women in the photos aren’t real or the ladies receive money to chat and flirt with foreign men. It’s not true and it’s not fair, but that’s what critics write on the web. 

So what can you do to make members feel more comfortable? Just be honest and open. This will help show men that you’re a real person looking for love. While it’s tempting to be rude to members who suggest you’re a scammer for having sexy photos, the best thing to do is tell them they’re mistaken and move on. Though it may not seem like it, men who are wary about your sexy photos are actually paying you a compliment – they think you’re too beautiful to be single and looking for love online. Some might even think you’re a professional model.

While it may seem like gentlemen are paranoid about Russian scammers, keep in mind that scam tales and horror stories are plastered all over the Internet, and many men aren’t sure what to believe. If you’re kind, patient, and sincere, chances are good a special gentleman will get over his fear of being duped.