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Why Men Don't Email Back

10. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Online dating is the perfect way to start chatting with men you would have never met before. However, getting those first few replies to your introduction emails is essential. What you’re typing may be ruining your chances at starting a relationship with Mr. Right.


Here are the top reasons why men don’t email back.


You are too eager

If you overflow your first few emails with flowery, exaggerated love lingo, a gentleman may think you’re overdoing it and not bother replying. Sounding too eager to find a match can verge on desperation or deception.


You talk too much about yourself

Gentlemen love hearing about your likes, your dislikes, your family, and more… but talking too much about yourself can be a turn off. Ask questions about his photos or things he mentions in his profile so he knows you are paying attention and interested.


You are negative

Telling men how lonely you are, how poor you are, how much you hate your job, etc., are all negative topics that don’t need to be mentioned when you are trying to strike up conversations. Some women use online dating like therapy. While it may make you feel better to vent your problems, unless he’s a licensed psychologist willing to help, he probably doesn’t want to hear them.


You hint for gifts

You love red roses, dark chocolates, and are dying for a trip to the spa; but should you write all that in your emails? Gentlemen may think that you are slyly suggesting they send you those things and asking for gifts, no matter how you do it, is a definite mistake.


You are testing him

Men should enjoy reading your emails, not feel like they are taking an exam. Of course you’re probably curious about a gentleman’s relationship history but if you’re constantly quizzing him, he may lose interest. Asking about ex-wives and girlfriends, length of relationships, and why he’s dating Russian women, can make him feel like he’s being interrogated.


There are millions of single men and women on hundreds of online dating sites. Knowing how to create a good profile, engage in effective video chat, and send superior emails will help you generate more interest, get more replies, and eventually find your perfect match!