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When a Man Comes to Visit

28. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Imagine that you have found a nice man on our website. He sends you many letters and you chat with him online and on video. Things go well and one day he says he wants to visit you in Russia. You agree and he makes plans to travel. Soon you will meet your special gentlemen in person!


While this is an important time for both of you, a man faces many difficult tasks when he decides to visit his sweetheart in Russia or the Ukraine. He has to buy an expensive plane ticket, find a hotel, take off work, arrange for someone to watch his home while he is away, decide what to pack, and then take a long and exhausting flight. Despite what many people may think, all Western men are not rich and making an international trip can be a great sacrifice. Most men, however, will be happy to do this for a chance at true love.


Sometimes a lady and a gentleman will fall in love at their first meeting, other times the chemistry may not be there. While it is important that a lady be sensitive to the sacrifices a man makes when traveling to see her, it is more important that she be honest about her feelings, even if they are not what a man wants to hear. The gentlemen should also be honest as well. Remember, the best relationships are built on honesty and open communication and everyone deserves a serious chance at true love.