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What to Say When a Man Asks If You Are Serious

20. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

One of the most common concerns gentlemen have about ladies on HotRussianBrides or RussianLoveMatch is whether or not they are “serious” about finding love. Though they may use the same word, “serious” can mean different things to different gentlemen. 

If a gentleman wants to know if you are serious ask him what he means. To some men, a “serious” lady is one who wants to find a long-term boyfriend or husband as soon as possible. To other gentlemen, a “serious” woman is one who chats with men because she sincerely wants to get to know them, not because someone told her to or because she hopes to receive money or gifts. 

Once you know what a gentleman means by the word serious, answer his question as honestly as possible. If a man is hoping to find a wife very soon and you are not ready for marriage, tell him! He will appreciate your honesty. If a gentleman wants to know if you are truly interested in getting to know him, reassure him that you are (only if this is the truth, of course). If you are not interested in getting to know a man and/or building a relationship with him, then let the gentlemen know as soon as possible. While you are free to chat and send emails to whoever you want, some men will be upset to spend money on emails and chats only to learn later that you were never really interested in them or that your interest had long since disappeared.

A good rule to remember for HotRussianBrides and RussianLoveMatch is to always be honest about your feelings for man and any possible future the two of you may have. Members will appreciate your honesty and will know that you are serious about finding love, even if your feelings and plans do not match up with theirs.