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What to Do with Intimacy Requests

11. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

When a gentleman wants to enjoy unfiltered communication with a Russian woman, he must complete the IMBRA process, which includes sending an Intimacy Request to the lady. If the lady is new to international online dating, she may not know what to do when she receives such a request, also known as a Direct Contact Request.


Any questions or concerns about internet dating can be addressed by the lady’s local agency, but here’s a brief overview of what to do with Intimacy Requests.


When logging in to Zolushka.net, a lady can see if she has any requests by looking for the "Intimacy (Direct Contact) Requests" link followed by a number. The number is how many new requests she has received. Once she clicks on the link, she’ll see a list of gentlemen who want to exchange personal contact information with her, such as email addresses and phone numbers.


She can view the gentleman’s profile by clicking on his user name. Then she can view his IMBRA documentation by clicking "Открыть."


Ladies can view the documentation in both Russian and English. She can continue clicking "Next" to view each page. After all of the documents have been reviewed, she must download and print the IMBRA Authorization Form.


She simply completes the form with her name, the ID# of the gentleman, and her signature. Then she must scan and upload the form in an Image or PDF format.


After it has been approved by an administrator, the gentleman will be notified and the couple can begin exchanging direct contact information.


At any time while viewing the documentation, a lady can click "Deny" if she does not wish to approve the Intimacy Request. While gentlemen do pay credits to send requests to the ladies, those credits will be refunded if the requests are denied.


Also, she can click the "IMBRA Fact Sheet" link to learn more about why this process is necessary.


As always, any questions about dating gentlemen online can be directed to agency representatives.