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Why Some Men Think Russian Women Are Paid to Chat

27. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Many men believe that Russian women are paid to chat. If you’ve been on Zolushka for long, you’ve likely received many emails about scams and many questions about whether or not the agency pays ladies to chat. Here’s why so many men think women are paid to chat.


Why Men Think Russian Women Are Paid to Chat

There are many reports on anti-scam websites and Russian dating forums that claim HotRussianBrides/RussianLoveMatch is a scam website that pays ladies to talk to men. There is no real proof and several of the reports are secretly written and distributed by competitors of HotRussianBrides, but most gentlemen don’t know this. They instead believe the negative stories and wonder if they can ever trust a Russian woman on HotRussianBrides.com.


Ladies react to scam accusations in many ways. Some grow angry and call the men names. Some agree they are scammers because they are annoyed by the men and want to be left alone. Others try to win trust by saying they aren’t scammers even though other ladies on the site are. While all of these reactions are understandable, they only make the problem worse. 


If a man calls you a scammer or accuses you of being paid, try to remain calm. Explain that you’re not scamming men, that agencies do not pay women to chat, and that you are serious about your search for love. If a gentleman says he has proof of a scam ask him to please contact HotRussianBrides’ customer service department so they can investigate the issue. If he continues to call you a liar and a scammer, you may want to stop chatting with this man and focus of finding a more positive gentleman. 

Though many men think Russian women are paid to chat, the majority base this belief on false stories they've read. The best way for a lady to handle scam accusations is to remain calm and politely explain her situation. A negative response only makes things worse for everyone involved.