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Welcome the New Year with the Right Outfit

21. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

New Year’s Eve is coming and every fashionable Russian woman is asking herself the same question: “What should I wear to ring in 2010?”

As you may know, 2010 is the Year of the Yellow Tiger and tiger-inspired outfits are sure to soothe the Yellow Tiger. Why not try a striped ensemble this New Year’s Eve? Striped dresses, striped shoes, and striped accessories, are all excellent choices. Stripes are currently en vogue so you should have no trouble finding the right pieces. Dresses made from natural materials (leather, fur) are also a good bet. If stripes and fur don’t excite you, than try a dress in a vibrant color. Red, scarlet, cranberry, and burgundy are perfect for New Year’s Eve.



2010 is also the Year of the Metal Tiger, so why not honor the Tiger by donning accessories made of copper, platinum, silver, and gold? Wood, leather, and feather accessories are also suitable choices. The Metal Tiger is sure to like large beads, glittery earrings, and chunky bracelets, as well white, gold, and silver color schemes.     



As for shoes, astrologers recommend that women wear new shoes to welcome a new year. This is true even for ladies celebrating at home with their family. Leather shoes with bright accessories, a buckle or lace, are the best option.

Good luck selecting the perfect holiday outfit and have fun welcoming 2010!