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Understanding Irish Slang

25. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

You may hear some Irish when in Ireland, but most people speak English. So if you are fluent in English, then all you have to worry about is the accents right? Wrong. The Irish certainly have a way with words and use a variety of different slang terms to convey typical English meanings. Here's a listing of some Irish slang words and the English equivalents:


banjaxed = broken, unusable (He spilled the coffee, now my computer's banjaxed.)


blaggard = bad person (That blaggard stole my bicycle.)


chance the arm = give it a try (I'd never been skiiing before but I thought I'd chance the arm.)


craic = fun, happenings, good times (What's the craic? or She is good craic.)


cute hoor = clever, sneaky person who tricks people (That cute hoor drank free at the bar because he convinced the staff he was the owner's son.)


deadly = really good (She's a deadly tennis player.)


jax = toilet (Where's the jax in this restaurant?)


lovely hurling = all is well (The children have been put to bed, lovely hurling.)


schmozzle = a minor fight (The players didn't get hurt, it was just a schmozzle.)


shanks mare = legs, to walk (You live in town? Did you take the shanks mare to the party?)


shift = kiss (I walked her home and she gave me a quick shift.)


yoke = thing (What are you doing with that yoke?


You are bound to come across more Irish slang and phrases if you are dating an Irish man. Learning new languages is interesting and often hilarious!