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Traits You'll Love About Irish Men

24. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Men all over the world have different attributes. If you find yourself chatting with an Irish man, here are some qualities that you may find very desirable.


His Cocky, Confident Attitude

Many women adore Irish men for their confidence. They believe in themselves and want everyone to know it. Irish men are known as straight shooters, meaning they don't hide what they feel or think, they just come out and say it. Some women may find this hard to handle at first, especially if you're the more sensitive type. But once you get used to his straight talking, confident demeanor, you will probably find it fun and attractive.


He Plays Hard, But Works Harder

Irish men are known to enjoy their lagers and whiskeys at the pub, but not all Irish men are hardcore drinkers. They do enjoy their parties and festivals and certainly know how to have a good time, but they know when it's time to settle down and work hard as well. An Irish man will keep you entertained with his charm and fun-loving spirit, but also make you feel secure by working hard to provide for the family.


He's a Romantic Lover

The fighting Irish, as they are sometimes called, can be romantic and charming as well. There are countless old Irish poems and sayings about love, like "Here's to the wings of love, may they never molt a feather, till your little shoes and my big boots are under the bed together." Women who have Irish husbands adore how thoughtful and kind they can be.


There are many more things to love about Irish men and the best way to find out is by chatting with them yourself!