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Top 5 Turn Offs for Gentlemen Seeking Love Online

11. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

International online dating is fun and exciting. It’s easy to get caught up in the adventure of meeting men from around the world, but remember that your goal is to find your prince. You need to be serious about this search and utilize our tips and advice to help you meet your match sooner.


We receive plenty of feedback from the gentlemen members about what turns them on and turns them off about dating women online. We share this information with you in order to make this experience more enjoyable and successful for everyone. These 5 behaviors make men very leery about a lady’s intentions.


1 – Sending Generic Letters

When men receive the same, standard emails over and over again, they tend to just ignore them. They’re looking for real communication that references details about their profile. Of course it’s faster and easier to just send the same introduction letters out, but sometimes they’re just not personal enough to make a gentleman eager to respond. Taking the time to include specifics will bring you more replies.


2 – Being Distracted in Live Video Chat

The live video chat feature is an excellent way for men to feel more connected to you. However, if you are looking away from the web camera a lot, talking to others around you, or giving off the body language that you are bored or unhappy, then men probably won’t be chatting with you for long. If you are taking advantage of this advanced communication tool, focusing on one gentleman at a time will keep him coming back.


3 – Being Dishonest

An important rule of online dating is to always be truthful. Men know that you are probably chatting with several other suitors so trying to convince them otherwise seems deceptive. Jealousy is an unfortunate aspect of relationships, but when you’re up front and direct about your search, men will probably respect you more. If you are hesitant about giving out your contact information or have more questions to ask before you meet, let him know. Honesty is the best policy and helps men and women know where their relationships stand.


4 – Ignoring Conversations about Cultural Challenges

Considering sharing your life with someone from an entirely different country and culture is a huge commitment. Language barriers, culture shock, and learning to adapt to each other are just a few of the challenges that men like to discuss and prepare for. If you ignore these conversations or pass them off as small or insignificant, men will think you are only online for fun and move on to ladies that are more focused on their futures.


5 – Showing No Respect or Consideration

Just like you expect that gentlemen should respect and consider your time and sacrifices, they expect the same from you. Men do pay to communicate with you online and although this is their choice, you should be kind about it and show some appreciation. They also have to shift their schedules to adjust to your time zone in order to meet up with you online. Consider these things and try to show gentlemen the same amount of respect and consideration that you deserve.


The bottom line is that dating and relationships require cooperation and compromise. The old adage of treating others how you want to be treated is always a good suggestion to follow. Your soul mate is out there somewhere. Don’t let these mistakes cause you to turn him away.