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Top 3 Turn Offs for Men During a Date

12. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

After months of corresponding with a gentleman online and hours of perfecting your appearance, you're finally ready to rendezvous for a romantic date. A flurry of emotions engulfs you; anticipation, elation, nervousness, and most of all, worry that you'll do or say something that will scare him away.


Fortunately, we've discovered what turns men off most during a date with our recent compatibility survey, so you can make sure you share a magical, memorable meeting.


Negativity (32%)

The biggest turn off a majority of gentlemen chose was negativity. While the search for your soul mate can feel frustrating sometimes, no one likes a Negative Nellie! Men like confident, optimistic women who can make the best of any situtation. Don't complain about the food or movie or whatever you're trying to enjoy on your date.


Inappropriate Behavior (26%)

Most men appreciate ladies who behave like ladies. Acting inappropriately during a date could include belching, talking on the phone, obsessing over your appearance, flirting with other men, etc. Don't be so careful and guarded that you can't be yourself; just be on your best behavior.


Vulgarity (16%)

In an effort to relax a tense situation or make a gentleman laugh, a lady may try to tell a dirty joke or make a crude comment. She may think it will impress him by speaking vulgar words in his language. However, these actions may actually offend gentlemen and cause them to cut your date short.



If you’ve gotten far enough along this international dating adventure to where you’re meeting men for dates, you certainly don’t want to ruin it now! Remember what turns them off, learn which traits men want in a woman, and act like the charming, fun lady you are. You’ll enjoy plenty of ideal dates and become closer to marrying your match!