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Today Canadians Celebrate Victoria Day

24. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Queen Victoria

Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before or on May 24 in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday and the current sovereign's birthday, which is Queen Elizabeth II. Additionally, this day marks the start of the summer season, with ski resorts and winter cottages closing down and parks, pools, and outdoor restaurants opening up.


The first legislation passed by the Parliament of the Province of Canada officially recognizing May 24th as the Queen's birthday occured in 1845. While the date has changed several times over the years, Victoria Day on this day became permanent in 1952. Celebrations include parades, fireworks, and 21-gun salutes. The Royal Union Flag is raised at all federal buildings. Some of the largest parties take place in Victoria, British Columbia.


The long holiday weekend is also known as May Two-Four, since many Canadians celebrate with a case of 24 beers. The celebration is also commonly called May Long and May Run. In 2003, the government of Quebec instated another holiday on this date. National Patriots' Day commemorates the "struggles of the Patriots of 1837–1838 for liberty, the national recognition of our people and for democracy", according to the citizens of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu.


Celebrating Victory Day

Victory Day parade

Queen Elizabeth II in Edmonton, Alberta for Victory Day, 2005