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Tips for Russian Women New to Live Video Streaming

6. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Once Russian women get the hang of emailing and instant messaging men on international dating sites, they are eager to try some of the other features. Live video streaming is a great way to meet more bachelors and show them that you're just as (if not more!) beautiful as your profile photos!


Here are a few simple tips to remember before turning on that web cam!


First, it's important to make sure all of your computer's updates have been installed so your live stream runs smoothly. If the web cam isn't working properly, turn off the computer, disconnect then re-connect the web cam, and restart the computer.


Next, don't hide in dark! You may think it's sexy and seductive to stream while sitting in a dimly lit bedroom, but the gentlemen may not be able to see you at all. Take advantage of natural light during the day by sitting near an open window, and turn on an extra lamp or two at night.


Another good tip is to smile! Russian girls tend to look so serious which may prevent some guys from striking up a conversation. Even if you're not engaging in a live chat, some gentlemen could be enjoying your stream, so try to keep a small smile on your face to look your best!


Lastly, be on your best behavior. It can be very tempting to do a sexy strip show, especially when men beg for it. However, nudity is against the policies of Zolushka.net and RussianLoveMatch.com. Members who ignore the guidelines may be removed from the site.


Live video streaming is a fun feature that will attract more gentlemen so you can find your soul mate faster! Log on today!