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Tips for Better Live Video Dates

13. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Smile for the web camera!

Video chatting is gaining popularity all over the world, and especially in online dating. Men love viewing your photos, but watching you respond to their messages in real time over live video streaming is so much better! Scheduling video chat dates with your suitors is a great way to feel more connected, but before you begin, follow these basic guidelines.


Technical Difficulties

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a video stream that is slow, or keeps cutting out. Make sure the internet browser of the computer you're using is updated with the latest version. Look for tips online about how to adjust your settings for optimal video performance, or ask a technical specialist for help.


Let There Be Light

Some ladies like to create a seductive atmosphere with mood lighting, but then it can be so dark that the gentlemen can hardly see you. Save the mood lighting for when you're together in person. A brightly lit room is best for live video streaming. You certainly want him to notice your hair, makeup, and the outfit that you selected especially for your video date!


Show Emotions

Men enjoy live video chatting because they love seeing your expressions and reactions to your conversations. Smiling makes everyone more beautiful so be sure to keep a smile on your face as much as possible. This will also attract more men to engage in video chatting with you. Laugh and make silly faces! You are on display so just have fun!


Be Attentive

While some ladies like to engage in video chats with several guys at the same time, many gentlemen are turned off by this. They see when you're reacting to others and may feel like you are not devoting enough attention to them. Schedule video dates one at a time so you can really focus on growing solid relationships.


Live video streaming is a great feature of online dating, thoroughly enjoyed by the ladies and the gentlemen. The better you are at presenting yourself live, the more men will want to chat with you and the faster you will find your soul mate!