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Sweet on Switzerland?

17. November 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Switzerland, where nations come together, is a hotbed for global dating. And now its men are discovering the beauty and sophistication of Russian and Ukrainian women!

Our Swiss members find their home country an easy sell for the ladies: The skiing, the views, the cheese and chocolates -- who can resist? Of course, there is also the culture itself that people love:  Switzerland has the second highest quality of life in the world. It is the European crossroads, head of the United Nations and World Health Organization.


About one fifth of Switzerland’s 7.5 million workers are foreign nationals. it comes as no suprise then that 36 percent of marriages in Switzerland are bi-national.

If you are interested in marrying a Swiss citizen or resident, immigration is not difficult -- just time consuming. Depending on where you live, you can get a longterm residency (B and C class) that is renewed every few years. 

You can start with a tourist visa and stay up to six months. But do realize that Swiss cantons don't accept unmarried couples as being in a legally-binding relationship.


For more information on individual requirements, click here.