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Study Says Australian Men Risk Loneliness, Isolation

11. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

According to a study by researchers at Australia's University of New South Wales, men from down under are apt to find retirement lonely and isolating. What better reason for Australian men to seek a Russian bride?


The study, published in June in The Journal of Psychology and Aging, was based on a survey of 377 Australian men and women aged 50-66 years-old.


The researchers concluded that Australian men were good at planning for their financial security in their retirement, but not as good at planning for their happiness. The authors said that a man’s involvement in social and leisure activities in his pre-retirement years is a good predictor of how active he will be after retirement.


For this reason, it makes sense that Australian men should seek a Russian bride. Some less-scientific reports suggest that men from down under are among the best-looking in the world. One look at Hugh Jackman is a convincing argument. And anyone who has browsed HotRussianBrides.com can easily see that Russia produces some of the best-looking women. It seems to make sense that a Russian lady would strive to meet a man who knows the Outback.


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So why wait? Somewhere down under, a gentleman is waiting for you to bring happiness to his life.


Source: Medical News Today