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Russian Women Share Stories of Finding Love Online

27. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Women often wonder if it's really possible to find your soul mate on an international dating site like Zolushka.net. The truth is, ladies are finding love online every single day!


Here are just a few testimonials from Russian women who have found their perfect matches. 


Elmira & Kane


ELMIRA: I would like to share with you my love story which happened on this site. Some time ago I put my profile to the website. I even could not imagine what the happiness is waiting for me in future. I met my soul mate on this site. He is amazing Australian man who treats me like a princess.


At first I could not believe that communication through internet could work for me, that the person who is so far from me in distance could become so close to me by soul, but the result overcame all my expectations.


Inna & Robert


INNA: I saw a man on the website and soon I realized that he was the man I had been looking for my whole life. I had communicated with other men on the website before, but none of them got me interested. When I saw Robert, I immediately decided to win his heart. We wrote emails to each other and talked in chat. Since I do not speak English well, I was assigned a translator to help me.


Robert and I met in person on January 17th, 2011 in Cherkassy. Robert flew in to meet me. We took a trip to the Crimea together and we had such a fantastic time. Those were the most unforgettable and romantic days in my life! Robert proposed to me and I was excited to say yes! I am very happy that we will be together soon.


I am grateful to my translators Sergey and Zhenya as well as to my agency for all their help. I wish all the ladies good luck in their search and I hope you find your second half soon!


Alena & John

ALENA: I got acquainted with John on the site. We communicated with him for a long time and then I understood that we are connected with something more than simple communication. After changing contact information we decided to meet.


Although we have big difference in age we have full mutual understanding and love in relations. He is wonderful person. I realized that there are no such men like he is. My parents have accepted my choice and support me in everything. Thank you so much for that you helped me to find my own happiness and for joining two more hearts on Earth.


Valeria & Stephen


VALERIA: Dreams come true! I would like to thank my agency for inviting me to participate in this program and for helping me to carry on my search and not lose faith even in the toughest moments. Deep down I knew that I would meet my other half because it was my dream and I was ready for it.


It turned out that the man of my dreams has a Ukrainian background. I felt very close to him even while we were corresponding. I felt that we shared the same outlook on life. I realized that there could be some difficulties due to cultural differences or the age gap, but when we met, I knew we were on the right track.


We became close with every moment that we spent together. We were able to communicate our thoughts to each other very well even though I did not speak much English. When two people have sincere feelings towards each other, no obstacles seem to exist. The world has met yet another happy couple. Do not be afraid to dream and remember that if you truly wish for something, the entire Universe will be helping you.


 Svetlana & Mike

SVETLANA: I met Mike a few months ago on the site. I can say that we had the spark from the first conversation. That day I told Mike he was the most amazing man I have ever met. If someone ever asked me how I imagine my future husband I would show him Mike's picture - my favorite, from the swimming pool. It seemed like we have already had known each other and right on the second day after our acquaintance I got my first bunch of flowers from Mike (it was not the only one I received from him).


We met each other in person in summer 2012 and spend the week together. That meeting was very important for me - I wanted to see Mike very much, that had been my greatest desire for long time but also I have been nervous very much. When I first saw Mike I couldn't believe that. My dream came true! He looked like a celebrity in a suit, like someone from a movie. Then the whole visit was just like in a dream - we had so many beautiful moments together.


Mike is a very dear person to me. I knew, I felt that we were meant to be together. We both are quick-tempered and prideful but I know that together we will get over anything because we love each other. I can say for sure that I have never seen a man who I would want to become my husband - because there is only one man for that role. His name is Mike. And I can't wait Mike, me and Mike's son Nicky (Mike's small copy) to become one family and I will do my best to make it happy. I sincerely wish everyone to find his true love and, please, never lose your hope - miracles happen and dreams come true!


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