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Real Gentlemen Send Gifts Without Pressure

20. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Don't ask, beg, or hint! Real gentlemen will give gifts on their own!

There are plenty of great things about dating men online, but most ladies love when their internet suitors show their affection by sending gifts. Men also enjoy being the bearers of these tokens of appreciation, but sometimes they could feel offended if pressured by the ladies. Other times, men just may not be used to the conventional ways of courting a woman.


Cultural differences often come into play when men and women are matching up online. More traditional countries, like Russia and Ukraine, value the old-fashioned techniques of the gentlemen courting the ladies. Suitors are expected, and usually very willing, to exude chivalrous behavior and shower ladies with symbols of appreciation and affection. Other more modern countries, such as the United States, have been moving more toward equal courting rituals with the women offering to pay for dates and surprising the men with gifts.


These differences may cause some miscommunication or misunderstandings between the men and women on international dating sites. While a Russian or Ukrainian lady may want to discuss the topic of sending gifts with a gentleman, he may view her as just being interesting in his money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of rumors about online dating scams and how women take advantage of vulnerable men by convincing them to send money, presents, plane tickets, and more.


Ladies who don’t want to get caught up in the Russian bride rumors or be labeled a scammer should just avoid talking about gifts all together. The best gift of all is when a man sends a special surprise on his own free will. That’s when a woman really knows that he is a true gentleman who’s honestly interested in her. If ladies have to hint or suggest the proper ways to impress them, then those are the men they probably don’t want to waste time with anyway.