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Queen Elizabeth Stuns Summit Goers with Fancy Dress

11. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II made a sensation in the fashion world this week, appearing at an official reception during her state visit to Trinidad and Tobago in a white lace dress with exotic birds and flowers embroidered on it.

The Queen was in Trinidad and Tobago for the Commonwealth Summit, which brought together heads of governments and the chairmen of the 53 countries that have historically close ties with Britain.


Witnesses said that the leaders of many countries that attended the reception were shocked when the Queen entered the hall in the unusual attire. The edges of the snow-white lace dress were adorned with two bright birds - ibises and chachalaca, symbols of Trinidad and Tobago.

The left side of the dress featured a red-green branch of the exotic flower puansettiya, which is considered the national plant of this Caribbean country. The dress’s creator is British court designer, Angela Kelly.

The Queen’s neck was adorned with a necklace of rubies and diamonds, which complemented her diamond wedding tiara, an item she has rarely worn since her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947.

Experts say the 83-year-old Queen has always had an interest in fashion and continues to be very influential in the fashion world today with her choices of dress and jewelry.