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Not Everyone in America is Rich

15. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Many Russian and Ukrainian women believe that all Americans are very rich. However, this is not true. While there are certainly rich men on HotRussianBrides and RussianLoveMatch, a lady should never assume a gentleman has lots of money as many of our members do not.

It’s true that American men and women, on average, earn much higher salaries than the typical person in Russia or the Ukraine. However, the average American has a lot more bills! On any given month an American will make a car payment, a rent or mortgage payment, a credit card payment (or payments), an insurance payment, and a student loan payment. Electric bills, water bills, gas bills, cable bills, and Internet service bills are also very common. In addition, Americans must pay sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and registration taxes, just to name a few. Health insurance is also expensive and Americans must pay for health insurance benefits. Needless to say, these expenses can quickly add up and many Americans do not have much money left over once the bills have been paid.

A few ladies on HotRussianBrides.com and RussianLoveMatch.com ask men for gifts because they believe the gentlemen are rich and can afford to spend lots of money on expensive presents. Other women encourage American men to travel to Russia or the Ukraine (whether they are truly interested in the gentlemen or not) because they think the men have plenty of money for international travel. Please do not do this. Not everyone has a lot of extra money to spend and you never want a gentleman to think you are only interested in his money or that you are a scammer.

While a small group of American citizens own mansions or expensive sports cars, the majority of people in America are not rich. Please keep this in mind when chatting with men on HotRussianBrides and RussianLoveMatch.