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Men Say Spammers are Scammers

30. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Although many gentlemen love receiving ladies’ emails, some may consider many emails sent from the same lady as spam. Spamming is sending emails in large quantities. Spam can equal scam. Read this advice to help stop spamming.


Be selective

Once a new gentleman joins this online dating site, he can receive hundreds of emails right away. This may overwhelm, and even scare away most men. Try to be more choosy about who you send emails to. Select men with a photo and a complete profile. This could help you receive more serious responses.



Composing a single email and sending it to hundreds of men is very convenient, but men may be wary about your intentions. Rumors about Russian brides have some men thinking that form letters are a sure sign of a scammer.


The introduction email is meant to share a short, simple message about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. But after that, try to personalize each response with the gentleman’s name or some questions about his profile. This way he will feel a stronger connection with you.


If he doesn’t reply, move on

When you send your email to a specific man and he doesn’t respond, don’t continue to send him tons of emails. Just like you could get annoyed by this behavior, a gentleman can too. Don’t be offended or wonder if something is wrong, just move on to the next guy. There are plenty of smart, single gentlemen looking for love. If one doesn’t reply, then he just wasn’t meant to be your Prince Charming.


Consider these suggestions next time you get ready to send your messages. If you refrain from some of the supposed scammer behaviors, then you will have an easier and more enjoyable time seeking your soul mate!