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Lessons on Live Video Chat

27. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

As you may know, some men are skeptical about online dating… especially international dating. It’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met and who lives so far away. Plus, Russian and Ukrainian women are so beautiful that gentlemen have a hard time believing their photos are real.


Live video chat helps dispel some myths and rumors about online dating and facilitates closer connections.


While we’ve shared some tips for better live video dates, here’s more advice we’ve received directly from the gentlemen themselves on things you should and shouldn’t do during live video chat.


Do look into the camera

Make the most impact of your live video stream by trying to look into the camera as much as possible. You are essentially looking into the eyes of the gentlemen you’re chatting with and they’ll appreciate it.


Do smile and say thank you

Looking your best while on camera is a given, but be sure to smile often as it will make men smile too. They will gush about your appearance so be prepared to genuinely thank them.


Don’t strip

With all the compliments you’ll receive, you may be tempted to show a little more by engaging in a strip tease or seductive dance. While some may outright ask for this or appear to appreciate it, many gentlemen are turned off by it. Modesty and mystery make men want more.


Don’t eat or drink

Just like eating or drinking while talking to someone on the phone is rude, so is doing this while streaming your live video. Gentlemen want your complete attention. Excuse yourself or take a break if necessary.


Don’t talk to others

Again, giving men your full attention during live video chat is very important to them and makes them feel special. If you’re laughing and talking to people around you, or on the phone, you’ll look distracted and not focused on what should be enjoyable and meaningful conversations.


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