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How to Look Your Best for Web Cam Streaming

14. November 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

When you’re getting ready to stream live video from your web cam, you probably put on your favorite top, accessorize with a nice necklace and earrings, style your hair and touch up your makeup.


Now you’re ready to turn on your web cam and start chatting online, right? Wrong!


Preparing your surroundings and your web cam settings is just as important as preparing your appearance for your live streaming session. Here are some tips to help you look your best.


What to Wear

First, the color of your clothing can make your skin tone look drastically different than it really is and not in a good way. The camera uses auto exposure and white balance by focusing on the brightest thing in the frame and making adjustments to everything else around it.


It will often focus on your face, either making it appear very pale or very red by trying to lock on to a color balance. You can fix this easily by wearing a white shirt. Any style will do. The camera will stop trying to make something white in the frame because you already gave it something nice and bright.


Let There Be Light

If you’re streaming at night, or you just prefer a darker atmosphere to set the mood, you may be tempted to keep the lighting to a minimum. However, think about your viewers. They are watching your web cam stream to see YOU and that’s nearly impossible if you’re sitting in the dark.


A common mistake is using your computer monitor as your light source. Your face is highlighted by the ugly glow of your computer screen and all that time you spent on your makeup has been wasted. Plus, if you wear glasses, you’ll appear as having small square reflections of the screen for eyes which is not attractive.


Solve this problem by having ample light in the room. If it’s during the day, open the curtains and take advantage of natural sunlight, the most flattering. If you’re somewhere with standard ceiling lights, turn them on. Otherwise, you can use a small desk lamp, a table lamp, or even a tall floor lamp, but the placement is imperative.


You don’t want a bright light positioned behind you and shining into the camera, nor do you want it behind your monitor and shining directly into your face. Any other location will work better. Also, you can soften blinding desk lamp light by taping a piece of typing paper onto the lamp.


Get Rid of Reflection

While adding other light sources in your room besides your computer monitor will help diminish the reflection on your face, you can get rid of it almost completely by adjusting your settings. Lower the monitor brightness and/or contrast down to a minimum; just so you can barely see the words and images on the screen. This will remove the unflattering, and distracting, reflection.


Be Aware of Your Background

If you’re sitting in a room with a lot of objects behind you, the camera may have a hard time focusing on the most important object in the frame, YOU. Position yourself so there’s a wall behind you. Hang a sheet, blanket, or some kind of cheap fabric if the wall is white. Neutral colors work best like grey, beige, or light browns.


Determine a Good Distance

Lastly, keep in mind that most web cameras use wide angle lenses which can make your head appear distorted in size if you’re sitting too close to it. You don’t want your face to take up the entire frame, yet you don’t want it to be a small speck on the screen either. Position the camera at a distance to allow some space on both sides of your shoulders and some space above your head in the frame.


If you make these proper preparations before you start streaming your live video online, you’ll likely have much more success finding singles who want to interact with you.