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Getting Gifts from Gentlemen? Upload Photos!

29. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Getting Gifts from Gentlemen? Upload Photos!

Real gentlemen love surprising women with gifts, especially when they’re across the world from one another. While most ladies are quick to offer plenty of thanks and gratitude, it’s nice to go even further and show them photos!


Right when a lady receives a gift, at least one photo should be taken of her holding her gift. Then the agency can upload the photo on the “Gifts” page of the administration site before marking the gift as delivered. This will send the gentleman an email notifying him that his gift has been delivered and he can view the beautiful photo. Ladies can also send additional photos as attachments in emails.


Not only do the gentlemen love seeing the colors of the flowers, the size of the candy box, or the fluffiness of the stuffed animal, but they are also thrilled to see a current photo of their lovely lady! Plus, men tend to worry over whether a lady actually receives his gift. Rumors about online dating scams, as well as women hinting and even begging men to send gifts, cause these concerns. Viewing photo confirmations helps ease men’s fears of scammers and builds more trust in online relationships.


It’s important to remember that ladies should never solicit gifts. Real gentlemen send gifts when the time is right, and those that have to be reminded about the proper ways to court a lady are not the type of guys that ladies want to waste their time with anyway.


Uploading photos for every gift delivery is the perfect way to thank the gentlemen for their generosity. It’s fast, simple, and makes the men incredibly happy!