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First Impressions Count! Update Your Profile!

10. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Make your online dating profile one he'll remember!

Your online dating profile is the key ingredient for matchmaking success. Gentlemen decide whose emails to open and with who they want to video chat all based on the profiles they see. Here are a few tips to ensure that your profile makes an excellent first impression.


Photos Come First

Men are very visual, so before they even read one word of your description, they are judging you by your appearance. Keep this in mind when uploading those sultry, nearly nude shots. Some men may see those as welcome invitations for crude remarks and sexual comments so don’t be surprised. Leaving some things up to the imagination can be even sexier than letting it all hang out.


Show Some Variety

Use your photos wisely and show some diversity. While it’s fine to include the professional photos with the heavy makeup, styled hair, and glamorous gowns, men would also like to see a more relaxed version. Wear your hair different ways and try on different outfits. Guys like ladies who are versatile; the more sides you show, the more attention you will receive. This includes the expressions that you show. The sexy, serious looks are eye-catching, but most men agree that a beautiful smile makes women most memorable.


Wow Them with Words

If men can get past your breathtaking photos to actually read your profile, then you want to make sure it’s worth reading! The "About Me" section is an easy way to give them a preview of what’s to come, so make it enticing. Try to include details. For example, if you like sports, like your favorites. If you enjoy traveling, list some places you’ve visited or would like to visit. Attempt to describe yourself in ways that makes them want to know even more.


In the "Looking For" section, rather than just listing adjectives, paint a picture of your prince. If you desire a romantic man, perhaps he will wake you every morning with kisses. If you want someone smart, maybe you’re looking for a man to teach you something new every day. Being more clever and creative in your descriptions will bring more success in your search.


Many ladies are so eager to begin meeting new men that they quickly throw together a profile and never look back. Updating this information and changing your photos from time to time will attract different suitors and make online dating a more enjoyable experience.