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Find Your Zodiac Match on Zolushka.net

28. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some people believe that a knowledge of astrology can help singles better understand their own strengths and weaknesses and aid them in their quest for love. Are you a believer? If so, have you tried the zodiac compatibility tool on Zolushka.net or searched for gentlemen born under a specific zodiac sign?  


Searching for Men Born Under a Specific Sign

The advanced search tool on Zolushka.net allows ladies to search for men by their Western zodiac sign, their Chinese zodiac sign, or both. For example, if you wish to meet a man who is a Libra, just select Libra in the Astrology Sign search box.  If you’re more interested in Chinese astrology and hope to find a Rooster, just select Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac search box. If you want a gentleman who is a Libra AND a Rooster select both! Your zodiac search can be as narrow or broad as you want it to be. 


The Zodiac Compatibility Tool

Zolushka.net also offers a zodiac compatibility tool that allows ladies to search for gentlemen whose zodiac signs are compatible with their own. Our female members don’t have to conduct outside research to learn which signs suit them best. Members can also choose a compatibility percentage anywhere between 50-90%, giving them further control over the search parameters. The zodiac compatibility tool is an easy and convenient way for ladies to narrow down large search returns.

If you’ve been unable to find your perfect match on Zolushka, why not give the zodiac compatibility tool a try and/or pursue men born under a compatible sign? It may just help you find the gentleman of your dreams.