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Feel Like You're Wrestling for Attention?

29. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful brides arm wrestling

Some women often feel like they are lost in the large pool of online dating. There are so many lovely ladies searching for men and chatting online that you may wonder how you can set yourself apart and get your fair share of attention. There are some things you can do to stand out.


Post Unique Photos

While many women use professional photographers to take their profile pictures, others rely on more relaxed and candid shots. Both methods are great, but try to think of ways that your photos can be different from the rest. Have someone take photos of you at work, or school, or doing something you love. Men will like to get this glimpse into your life.


Craft Clever Emails

Some men say that all women’s emails they read from online dating sites sound the same. Make yours stand out by changing up the standard message. Read the profiles and then send emails with some comments or questions about what you read. Men will notice that you took that extra time and be more likely to respond. Also, be careful to not be too lengthy with your emails. Some men may not want to read long paragraphs, so keep your messages short and sweet.


Less Can Get You More

If you are sending the same introduction emails to the same guys over and over, and they haven’t responded, then it’s time to move on to new men. You may consider sending emails to only men that you are truly interested in, or curious about, rather than just spamming every new member you see. Sending less emails to more qualified men will show that you are serious about finding a match.


Rack your beautiful brain a bit and try to come up with other ways that you can make your profile and your correspondence different from the thousands of others online. Couples that have matched up online have often been heard saying they found each other because they were noticeable from the rest. Everyone is different and unique; you just have to find your special way to show it.