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Email Writing 101: Read a Gentleman’s Profile First

22. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Another way to write great emails to Western gentlemen is to read their profile first. Why? A man’s profile often contains great information about his interests, hobbies, and the kind of lady he’s hoping to meet, all things you can use to write an interesting, personalized email. 

Unfortunately, many ladies do not read a gentleman’s profile before sending an email. This is an unfortunate mistake as many men describe the type of woman they are seeking and what kind of ladies they do and do NOT want contacting them. For example, many older gentlemen specifically state in their profile they do not wish to hear from women under 30 years old. Therefore, when ladies in their twenties and teens send a message it’s clear to the men that the young women didn’t the profile first. This is a turn off as it makes men wonder if Russian women are truly serious about finding love or if they’re only interested in contacting as many men as possible in hopes of getting money or gifts. This may not be your intention, but thanks to the prevalent Russian dating myths many men are terrified of being scammed by Russian women

To avoid wasting time on men who aren’t interested (and stoking scam fears), read a gentleman’s profile before sending an email. If he says he is looking for a woman between the ages of 30 – 45, don’t email him if you are in your twenties or teens. Plenty of men are open to dating younger women, so why contact gentlemen who are clearly seeking someone older? If a man changes his mind, he’ll contact women he finds intriguing.

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