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Email Writing 101: Answer a Gentleman’s Questions

22. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

It’s important for ladies to write high quality email to Western gentlemen as many men complain that the mail they receive is impersonal, inappropriate, or insincere. One way to ensure your email is high quality is to answer a gentleman’s specific questions.


If a man sends an email asking how you spend your weekends and you send a reply about the weather, fashion, or something else completely unrelated it’s only natural for him to think that you haven’t read his email or that you’re purposely ignoring his questions. Both scenarios are bad. Worse, he may think you’re a scammer who is getting paid to write to men. 


At times, you may uncomfortable answering a gentleman’s question and that’s okay. Simply let the man how you feel so he doesn’t think you’re ignoring him. It’s also okay if you forget to answer a question or two. Nobody’s perfect. Just make an honest effort to respond to a man’s inquiries so the two of you can get to know one another better.


Gentlemen naturally want to know more about your life, interests, hopes, and dreams, so please make an honest effort to answer their questions.