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Elephants in Your Wedding? It Can Happen in South Africa

21. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

The beautiful and expansive landscapes of South Africa provide an idealic setting for an unforgettable wedding. Many couples choose to have their ceremony outdoors since many parts of South Africa boast nice tropical temperatures. Here are some South African wedding traditions you can include on the happiest day of your life.


The unity candle tradition has become a popular custom that is prevalent in wedding ceremonies all over the world. Typically, before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom's parents light 2 small candles which surround one larger candle known as the unity candle. Near the end of ceremony, the bride and groom each take a smaller candle and together light the unity candle, symbolizing their union.


There are 12 symbols of life that are important in African culture and these may be included in the ceremony. These 12 symbols are the Bible or Koran, bitter herbs, broom, honey, pepper, pot and spoon, salt, shield, spear, water, wheat and wine. Each one has a special meaning such as the broom for cleanliness, the pepper for expected heated moments, the pot and spoon for healthy eating, and the honey for sweet love. The wheat symbolizes fertility and the wine represents mixing the blood of the 2 families.


Following the ceremony, everyone is ready for the large feast called karamu. Some traditional African dishes that can be served are sosaties (grilled marinated meat with apricots), cape kidgeree (fish and rice), and bobotie (baked beef curry with custard topping). A favorite South African dessert is klappertert which is coconut pie.


Whether you are married inside a South African lodge or outdoors with the animals on a safari, your wedding day will certainly be remarkable experience that you will never forget.