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Eco-Friendly Undergarments

20. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Eco-friendly undergarments are much more comfortable than coconut bras!

Looking for ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint? A new book by Stefanie Iris Weiss called "Eco Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable" opens new avenues for the health of the planet and your body. She has recommendations for environmentally-friendly sex toys and bed linens, along with organic aphrodisiacs and low impact lingerie!


Urban Fox is one of the undergarment brands she recommends because everything is designed, dyed, and sewn by hand. Plus, they are created from pressed bamboo and organic cotton blends. What's so great about bamboo? It's sustainable, biodegradable, and produced without pesticides.


Cosabella has also recently released a whole eco-friendly line that uses low impact bamboo and natural vegetable color dyes. Included in this new line is comfortable smooth shapewear that lowers body temperature with its breathable natural fibers.


Another brand we found for both the ladies and the men is Pact which makes all of their products from organic Turkish cotton. The production plants are very close to the cotton farms to reduce unnecessary shipping and packaging consists of reusable cloth bags. Plus, this company donates 10% of sales to 3 non-profits helping to save the planet. This week in honor of Earth Day, they've partnered up with The Green Belt Movement and are offering a limited edition Green Belt design undies with 100% of the proceeds going toward the planting of 100,000 trees!