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Does Prince Charming Really Exist?

22. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Many young women imagine finding the perfect man who whisks them away to a dreamy wedding and a wonderful life together. As these women begin their adventures in the dating game, it soon becomes apparent that this dream is not very easy to achieve. Although it can be a challenge to find your Prince Charming, he is out there somewhere.


Know your expectations

While it is important to know what kind of man you are looking for, it is equally important to evaluate your criteria. Are you setting your expectations too high? Is your list of acceptable qualities too long? Many women have their perfect man pictured high on a pedestal, but we must remember that everyone has flaws.


Be flexible

If you are willing to be more flexible and open to different types of men, not only will you enjoy online dating more, but you will increase your chances of finding your ideal match. Try chatting with men who you may not have considered at first glance. Getting to know men more will help you decide if you want to further the communication. If you don’t feel a connection, then politely tell him so and move on to another.


Vary your search

Some dating experts say you should seek a mate with similar interests to you own, while others say opposites attract. Having things in common with someone helps create an immediate bond and comfort level, while meeting someone who is vastly different can be exciting and new. Try to experience both of these dating techniques to see which opinion works best for you.


Achieving the fairy tale dream with Prince Charming by your side is possible and choosing to let this online dating service help you is a step in the right direction. Have an open mind, stay positive, and enjoy the journey.