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Do You Believe in Love at First Type?

8. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

It can happen. You exchange only a few emails with a gentleman and already you feel a love connection. He sounds nice and genuine so you're eager to tell him how you feel. But if you share those strong emotions too quickly, he may not believe you.


Men can be very guarded when dating Russian and Ukrainian women online because they have heard the myths and rumors about the Russian bride industry. They are worried that you only care about money or a ticket out of your country. If you profess your love very fast, without really getting to know each other, some men may be flattered, but most others will be quick to think that you are not being honest.


He could also think that you are just telling him you love him so he will send you gifts. Men know that ladies love receiving presents and once you begin forming relationships, they will decide when the time is right to send you something special.


Even if you do feel a fast and fateful connection with a man after minimal correspondence, consider holding back your feelings for a little longer. If you really have to tell him, acknowledge the short period of time so he will know that you understand how rare it is for someone to fall in love so quickly.


There is no need to rush into choosing a man for marriage. You have to be sure that you are perfectly compatible to insure a long, happy life together. If you are honest and open throughout this online dating adventure, you will have a more enjoyable experience and be able to find the mate you are searching for.