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Colorful, Creative Wedding in Russiaville, Indiana

5. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Marshmellow Peeps hidden in flower bouquets!

When planning a wedding, the bride and groom should want to make the special occasion a reflection of themselves. Whether that means following a strict religious ceremony, or a more relaxed secular one, the focus should be on the couple's happiness.


Some ladies can imagine how their wedding day will look and feel before they even have a boyfriend! Others have no clue what they want and enjoy browsing through bridal books and websites to peek at what other brides have done. Here is an example of a fun and colorful American wedding that took place last year in Russiaville, Indiana.


Emily and Will love candy, so much so that they incorporated tons of it into their wedding. There was a candy buffet for guests with over 130lbs. of candy! And their wedding cake was a larger version of their most favorite treat - a marshmellow Peep! There were also Peeps hidden all throughout the ceremony, like inside the flower bouquets! Even the flower girl walked down the aisle carrying a giant lollipop.


Emily's dress was beautifully unique in that it was bright red in color and Will chose a tan vintage suit that he bought for only $12! All of the guests dressed in "Garden Party Chic" so there was lots of bold, bright colors. The food was freshly grilled on-site and was served Russian style. There was also a photobooth and a giant movie screen onto which they projected old silent films throughout the reception. There was also Asian accents everywhere, like paper lanterns.


Everything about this special wedding day was chosen by the bride and groom. Since they focused on things they loved and were particularly important to them, they enjoyed the happiest day of their lives! Enjoy their photos; and perhaps you'll get some inspiration for ways to make your wedding day a reflection of you!



Emily and Will, the happy couple!

Beautiful paper lanterns hung from the trees!

Adorable flower girl

Giant Peep cake!

Candy buffet with over 130lbs. of candy!


Source: Offbeat Bride