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Asking for Gifts is Asinine

27. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Women are fortunate for the opportunity to join online dating sites for free and talk to gentlemen from all around the world. While some ladies treat this experience as a privilege, others take advantage of it.


Girls who ask for gifts not only appear pathetic and immature, but they risk being removed from the site, since this embarrassing behavior is a strict policy violation.


Another repercussion of pleading for presents is a ruined reputation. No one likes to be called a scammer, but women who repeatedly ask for gifts are seen as “gold diggers” and not really serious about searching for their soul mates. Guys gossip just like girls do and they warn each other about girls who appear to be only after gifts and money.


Even more importantly, a woman will never find her ideal match if she is only focused on flowers and perfume. Men who have to be begged or persuaded to send gifts aren’t the type you’d want for a romantic husband anyway. As we’ve said before, real gentlemen send gifts without pressure.


If you’ve gotten into this bad dating habit, it’s not too late to change your ways. Remember that true love and meaningful relationships come from much more than material things.