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Asking for Gifts? Think Again Before You Do

7. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Flowers, jewelry, candy… all ladies love receiving gifts! It’s a great feeling when a man you’ve been chatting with sends you a special token of his affection. But if you are asking or begging men to send you gifts, you could be labeled a scammer and have a more difficult time trying to find your perfect match.


There are already so many rumors and misconceptions about the Russian bride industry. Some men are very skeptical about this service and can’t believe there are so many beautiful, single women looking for love online. Since men already have suspicions that you could be too good to be true, participating in scandalous or questionable behaviors will only make those suspicions stronger.


Men have doubts and insecurities about themselves just like women do. Some may worry that a woman he is dating is only interested in him for his money, which is called a “gold digger”. If you strongly suggest or even downright pressure him to send you gifts, he will assume you are not genuine in trying to find your soul mate, but only interested in money and material things. You will never find the man of your dreams if they think you are not serious about this online dating experience.


Plus, gifts are much more meaningful when they are sent from the heart and by a man’s own free will. When he decides to send you a gift, he puts some careful thought and consideration in picking out something perfect just for you. Men already know that ladies love gifts, so when they decide to do so naturally and without pressure, it is a gratifying experience for everyone.


You don’t want to ruin your reputation and be considered a scammer by asking for gifts. Focus on making serious connections with these gentlemen and the gifts will come on their own. In the end, the best gift of all will be finding your true soul mate and enjoying a happy and satisfying marriage.