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Are You Ready For a Multicultural Marriage?

16. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

George and Natalia found true love online!

International dating sites are becoming more popular as singles are scouring the globe in search of their soul mates. Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women are moving abroad each year to begin multicultural marriages. While the fantasy of living a new and different life with the man of your dreams is exciting and romantic, the reality is that there are many obstacles you'll face first. 



International dating couldn't work without the help of the experienced translators to facilitate the communication. Whether chatting online or meeting in person, the translators are a necessity when you don't speak your gentleman's language. Once you move to his hometown, the language barrier may be the biggest obstacle to overcome. Your translator can't move with you! Learning his language will be imperative to the success of your relationship so start ahead of time and begin learning new languages today! 



Life in other countries in vastly different from your own, especially financially. Some women assume that all foreign men are very wealthy, and while most probably do earn a larger income than you are used to, the majority of men live an average lifestyle. Learning how to budget money and manage finances abroad may be something new to you. Mortgages, car payments, and credit cards are usual expenses that you'll want to ask your fiancé to teach you about.



Every community has various traditions, with some more deeply rooted than others. Couples will naturally discuss their cultural differences, but they should also determine how they will meld them together. Which holidays will you celebrate? What religions will you practice? There are many cultural questions to consider before leaping into a new life.  



Since international online dating is still seen as strange and taboo in many countries, some members (men and women) are worried that their families or friends may not accept their choice of finding love this way. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed due to the negative stigmas of the “mail order bride" industry. This is why members need to be courageous in their quest and confident that the end result will be worth the possible ridicule of the process. A couple should be open and honest with their families and introduce each other as soon as they become serious in the relationship to help everyone adjust to this new adventure.


Any marriage requires hard work and dedication to be successful, but international marriages call for even more commitment, compromise, and a plethora of patience. While some people may think these hurdles are too high for this union to succeed, statistics show that they actually last longer than traditional marriages. One reason may be that so much effort and determination is put forth to find that perfect partner that once they are joined together, there is no obstacle large enough that could keep them apart.