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Are You Miss Fit? Win a Free Gym Membership!

17. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Many Russian and Ukrainian women are in such great shape that it's no surprise they spend a lot of time working out, playing sports, and enjoying active, healthy lifestyles. Why not reward these ladies by showcasing them in a special contest we're calling Miss Fit?


Miss Fit celebrates women who exercise, take care of themselves, and have pride in their strength and leading a healthy lifestyle. Does this sound like you? If you receive the most votes, you'll become the lucky winner of a free one year membership to the gym of your choice, compliments of Zolushka.net!


To enter, you must submit one video and one photo that is not currently on your profile. The submission content should include yourself in the gym working out, at home working out, wearing exercise clothing or yoga pants, engaged in a sport, or showing off your fit body in some way. The video should also include a brief explanation of what healthy living adds to your life.


What is a Fit Girl? Here are some examples:

IMPORTANT: The video and photo file names must include agency name, city, lady's ID number and username. For example: "123456_username_agency_city.mp4" is an acceptable file name. This will make reviewing submissions more efficient.


In order to ensure the best experience for the gentlemen viewers, here are the video requirements:

  • Video size should be widescreen (640x360, 853x480 or 1280x720). Videos that are smaller than 640x360 will not be accepted. Videos that are a different size than the ones listed will be cropped to fit that size. Accepted file extensions: mp4, avi, mov or wmv. 
  • If using a cellphone camera to record the video, make sure the video is horizontal. 
  • Use good lighting. We can’t see your beauty in the dark.
  • If speaking, make sure you can hear your voice over background noises. 
  • Please do not include any additional onscreen text other than subtitles. If including subtitles, make sure you spell check. 
  • Please do not use copyrighted music. If you use music, make sure that whenever a lady is speaking that there is no music underneath her voice. 
  • Be creative and showcase your sparkling personality!

All submissions are due no later than September 23, 2012. We encourage everyone to participate! We will review all entries for quality and will notify you if there are any issues. 


The first round of voting should begin around September 28, 2012 and conclude sometime on October 5. The final round of voting will begin on October 5, 2012 and end early on October 12.


Only registered members of HotRussianBrides.com and RussianLoveMatch.com will be able to vote, with Silver, Gold and Platinum members getting more votes per day than free members. Platinum members will get the most votes per day.


As with previous contests, submissions will be divided up into 8 groups. Out of each group, there will be 3 finalists. Those 24 finalists will all advance to a final round of voting where we will crown Miss Fit.


Email your video and photo to contest@russianlovematch.comThank you for your collaboration and we look forward to your submissions!