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Are You Advertising Yourself Accurately?

23. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

When you're creating an online dating profile, you obviously want to include an interesting description and your best photos. However, it can be tempting to embellish or exaggerate in order to attract more suitors. Just like women are worried about men being drastically different from what they see on the computer screen, men share this common concern as well.


There are simple ways to make sure you are presenting yourself in an attractive, yet accurate light.


First, if you're having trouble describing yourself, enlist the help of a friend. Ask a girlfriend which traits she admires about you. Plus, to really get a well-rounded opinion, ask a male friend as well. You can also take fun personality tests and quizzes online that should give you ideas on how to better describe yourself.


Next, it's important to be honest when you're listing the qualities that you're looking for in a partner. Some women are vague with this section because they don't want to appear picky, while others are the complete opposite, listing way too many "must-haves" that would be impossible to actually find. The trick is to find a happy medium by listing a few aspects of a partner that are really important to you, but also show that you are willing to compromise.


Finally, you can type all you want in your profile, but you know what men really look at first - your photos. While you probably want to entice them with sexy shots or professional photo shoots, you certainly don't want to mislead them into thinking you're someone you're not. Show all your sides by posting several different photos, from casual to glamorous.


Singles have much more success finding their soul mates online when they are open and truthful right from the start. Send out a real representation and you'll be on your way to romance!