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Alicia Keys' New Website for 'Superwomen'

9. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Alicia Keys' Website: I Am A Superwoman!

Alicia Keys is introducing a new website, www.IAAS.com, which stands for "I Am A Superwoman", the title of one of her songs. She envisions this brand new site as a resource for women to help find their inner "superwoman", by sharing dreams, goals, struggles, and advice.


"This dream has been to really create a neighborhood, an online community, a place," she said. She wants women to have a place to freely talk with each other about everything and anything, saying, "we can create the life that we dream of and talk about fashion, and talk about places that we love to go, talk about our children and our families, talk about our jobs and our careers, talk about finances and how to really get to the places that you dream of."


Keys hopes this new website will be a way of continuing the inspiration she learned from the important women in her life, her mother and grandmother. She also wants women all over the globe to know that they have friends out there that are going through the same things they are and there is always hope and support.


Keys is still working on hiring writers and staff for the "I Am A Superwoman" site, but it should be fully functional later this summer.


Source: ABCNews.com