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5 Signs That He's Your Perfect Man

15. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

When you start to feel a love connection with your favorite man, you will probably wonder, “Could he be the perfect husband for me?”


After all, your goal with this online dating adventure is to find your true soul mate and share a life of happiness. While no one is absolutely perfect, here are 5 signs that he could be the right one for you.


He Makes You Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine and one of life’s simplest pleasures. Laughing is known to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. If you and your man make each other laugh, you are likely to enjoy a happy, healthy marriage.


You’re Excited to Share Families

Once a strong connection is made between the two of you, the next step could be involving the families and friends. If you are eager and excited to introduce him to your family, as well as meet his, then you know you are proud of your relationship and ready to show it off.


You Tell Him Things You Don’t Tell Others

Some women are guarded and hesitant about opening up to men over the internet. When you’re feeling comfortable enough to share intimate details about yourself and your life with him, then chances are good that he is your soul mate.


He Makes You a Better Person

You know you have great qualities and characteristics inside you; sometimes it just takes a good man to bring those out. If your favorite guy makes you feel more creative, intelligent, attractive, or just makes you feel needed, then you definitely need him by your side.


You Can See Your Future Together

When you begin considering the realities of marrying a man from another country and begin thinking about learning his language, making the move, and planning a wedding, then your brain is catching up with your heart. Imagining your future together is a sure sign that you are ready to commit.


Once you’re feeling these things for a lucky gentleman, you may be much closer to a long-term relationship, and possibly even marriage. Your dating days may soon be over, and your dream of marrying your soul mate can become a reality.