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3 Things That Make Men Suspicious About Russian Dating and Why

22. June 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Thanks to stereotypes about Russian women and Russian dating, many gentlemen are suspicious of international dating sites and the women who use them. Here are three major things that make men suspicious and what you can do to help alleviate their concerns.


Generic Emails

A generic email is mail a woman could send to any man on Hot Russian Brides or Russian Love Match. Generic messages do not mention a gentleman’s specific details, they don’t answer a man’s questions, nor do they use his name. Generic mail makes men suspicious because they think it means you’re paid to send letters to as many men as possible and don’t care about finding a match. To prevent such suspicions—and find a match more easily—read a man’s profile, pay attention to his questions, and then write thoughtful, personal messages. 


Professional Photos

Some men are suspicious of professional profile photos because they think it means the women in the pictures are paid models or professional daters. Men are also wary because professional photos aren’t customary on dating sites in America or the U.K. The best way to handle photo suspicions is to send a man a candid shot or two so he can see you are the same woman pictured in your profile and what you look like when you’re not all glammed up.

Lots and Lots of Email

Soon after joining Hot Russian Brides or Russian Love Match, many men receive a hundred emails or more, most of them generic (see above). The new members often receive these letters even before they post a picture or personal information, something that makes them very nervous. The gentlemen worry that the ladies on HRB/RLM are not serious about finding a match and are perhaps even receiving money to chat with as many men as they can.

To combat this problem, avoid sending mail to lots of men. Instead, find a few men you think are appealing and email them first. If you don’t get enough responses, email a few more men and then expand your communication from there. This will make it easier for you to manage your email and may improve your chances of finding the right guy quickly.

Though it may seem that many men are paranoid about Russian scammers, it’s important to keep in mind that the fellows hear a lot of horror stories and are naturally concerned about getting duped. Be patient with the gentlemen and good things will come your way.