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[3 Apr 2012]

While decorating Easter eggs is a common tradition in many countries, various other activities will be enjoyed over the next two weeks for Western and Eastern celebrations... [More]

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[6 Oct 2010]

Dilscoops, donkey drops, googlys, and wickets. Are you familiar with these common cricket terms? In Australia, this sport is almost a religion, uniting players and fans from all walks of life… [More]

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[26 Jan 2010]

Today marks an important national holiday in Australia. Some celebrate the founding of their nation, while others protest... [More]

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[25 Nov 2009]

If your man comes from a land down under, he may offer you a Vegemite sandwich... [More]

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[11 Nov 2009]

According to a study by researchers at Australia's University of New South Wales, men from down under are apt to find retirement lonely and isolating. What better reason for Australian men to seek a Russian bride? [More]