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[16 Nov 2009]

Known as one of the most romantic countries in the world, France is host to thousands of weddings each year with a long history of traditional wedding customs. Some modern weddings still implement these traditions today. [More]

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[12 Nov 2009]

Scientific research and candid testimonials reveal that both parties are dedicated to building strong marriages and loving families. [More]

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[12 Nov 2009]

He is searching for a kief girl with a lekker spirit and it could be you! South African men find Russian and Ukrainian women an excellent marriage match. Here's why... [More]

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[12 Nov 2009]

This past weekend, South African swimmers were the men’s top 3 point scorers at the Fina World Cup in Moscow, with Russian swimmers finishing fourth and fifth. [More]

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[11 Nov 2009]

According to a study by researchers at Australia's University of New South Wales, men from down under are apt to find retirement lonely and isolating. What better reason for Australian men to seek a Russian bride? [More]

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[9 Nov 2009]

There are certain things that men assume about Russian women, just like there are things that you assume about men. Here are 3 myths you may believe about American men. [More]

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[3 Nov 2009]

To educate and protect members from dating scams and scammers, offers tips for conduct, turn ons and turn offs for Russian ladies, and what not to do when courting Russian women online. [More]

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[31 Oct 2009]

If you have made a real love connection with an American gentleman and he has already visited your town, you may want to experience what his life is like and decide to arrange a trip to the U.S. Here are some travel tips and practical knowledge about life in the U.S. so you can be prepared... [More]

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[30 Oct 2009]

While every lady is free to do as she likes, there are some email techniques you may wish to avoid if you want a man to think you are serious in your quest for love. Below are some things you should try not to do when corresponding with a man, as well as a few suggestions to help you get better results on    Don’t Send Countless Form Letters When you use do you send the same message to many different men? If so, this message is known as a “form letter” or “blanket letter.” Gentlemen can generally spot form letters very easily, and some worry that ladies who send blanket letters are not serious about finding a partner.   If possible, try to personalize each message. For example, use a gentleman’s name (rather than generic terms of endearment like “honey,” “dear,” “sweetie,” or “my love”). This will let a man know you wrote the letter just for him. You should also try to refer to something interesting in his profile or ask him questions about his life. This will let a gentleman know you have read his profile and/or messages and are interested in him as a person.    Don’t Send Letters to Huge Numbers of Men While we understand that you may not have much computer time, sending emails to too many gentlemen can have negative results. Why? Soon after joining HotRussianBrides, many gentlemen receive a hundred emails or more (many of them form letters). They often receive these letters even before they post a picture or personal information. Unfortunately, this causes many gentlemen to worry that the ladies on HotRussianBrides are not serious and are perhaps even being paid to chat with as many men as they can. If possible, find a few men you think are very appealing and email them first. If you don’t get enough responses, email a few more men and then expand your communication from there. This will make it easier for you to manage your email and may improve your chances of the right guy quickly. While every lady is free to email as many men as she wants, however she wants, cutting down on form letters and bulk emails may help you find the man of your dreams more quickly. The gentlemen members are likely to appreciate your efforts and will feel better knowing that you are seriously searching for love on  

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[28 Oct 2009]

Imagine that you have found a nice man on our website. He sends you many letters and you chat with him online and on video. Things go well and one day he says he wants to visit you in Russia. You agree and he makes plans to travel. Soon you will meet your special gentlemen in person!   While this is an important time for both of you, a man faces many difficult tasks when he decides to visit his sweetheart in Russia or the Ukraine. He has to buy an expensive plane ticket, find a hotel, take off work, arrange for someone to watch his home while he is away, decide what to pack, and then take a long and exhausting flight. Despite what many people may think, all Western men are not rich and making an international trip can be a great sacrifice. Most men, however, will be happy to do this for a chance at true love.   Sometimes a lady and a gentleman will fall in love at their first meeting, other times the chemistry may not be there. While it is important that a lady be sensitive to the sacrifices a man makes when traveling to see her, it is more important that she be honest about her feelings, even if they are not what a man wants to hear. The gentlemen should also be honest as well. Remember, the best relationships are built on honesty and open communication and everyone deserves a serious chance at true love.